Data management in co-produced research

Recently an important research ambition is to make research data accessible and re-usable, in order to empower citizens and communities, enable better research and convey socio-economic benefits, create new collaborations, enable scrutiny and greater transparency, increase research visibility, increase  organisations profile.

Open access is a principle well embraced in co-produced research. However data management is regulated by laws on privacy, copyright and freedom of information, University and Research Council’s Governance and Ethical Committees. The interplay of these different sets of regulations with co-produced research’s own regulations, result in a number of fascinating dilemmas. When trying to manage data in a co-produced multi-disciplinary research program, which produces text, visual data and artefacts we have encountered a number of challenges.

In attempting to solve these data management puzzles we undertook a program wide data management workshop in September 2015, at the University of Bristol. The main aims of the workshop were to illustrate the increasing importance of data sharing and get a sense of the puzzles encountered when managing co-produced data. With the objective of developing data management guidelines that can work for our program and co-produced research in general.

Download Data Management Guidelines (PDF, 555kB)

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